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Do You Guarantee Song plays and YouTube plays?


We do. Your plan will be active until you reach the play amount goals.

Does This Interfere With my website or YOUTUBE Rules?


No. Our systems are not automated. Everything we do complies with all sites and YouTube rules and regulations. We deliver real hits that even sites and YouTube can vouch for using their official internal tracking tools.

How Do I know You’re Not a Bot?


Track your visitors. YouTube tracks them automatically and the data is available under “Statistics & Data” or “YouTube Insight”. All other sites does this as well under “Artist Dashboard.” You can also put your widgets in your pages to track your hits.

Can I Pay By Check?


PayPal is generally preferred, which accepts all major credit and debit cards even if you do not have a PayPal account. We will accept checks on certain purchases of $100 or more. If we have an ongoing relationship, then there will be no activation wait. Otherwise checks will have to be cleared first. It may take about two weeks to start the campaign if you are using a check. Contact us for details.

I Don’t Have a PayPal Account


You can still purchase. After clicking on “Buy Now”, look on the left for “Don’t Have a PayPal Account..” and click “Continue”. Fill out all info and your order will be processed.

I Want To Pay Through A Bank Wire


The minimum payment is $500 if you choose to pay with a wire transfer. Please contact us for more details.

Do Hits Come All At Once?


No, the plans spread throughout the day.(unless instructed to speed them up by you or your record label)

My YouTube Video Counter Is Stuck At 310!


Once the counters reach 300 views, they will update ever 8-12 hours. Please allow it a few hours to update. Every video counter on YouTube does this.

Do The Plans Automatically Re-bill?


No. We do not believe in automatic billing. If you want to extend your plan, you will have to go back to our website and re-purchase the plan again.

How Will I Know When My Plan Activates?

We will email you as soon as we start or it activates.